Monday, December 15, 2008

Dance Santa Baby, Dance!

Lizzie danced in her first dance recital EVER! She has been taking classes this last semester and finally the recital came. Here she is just before the show. Does she look excited or what?!
Check out her cute rosy cheeks and lipstick. Her first make-up in public. She was thrilled!

Here's her class complete with the ONLY boy that danced in the entire show and her sweet teacher.
These kids were the youngest to perform and got the biggest applause of the day. They really were the cutest group up there.
This is what Lizzie looked like through the whole thing: body facing front, head turned to watch her teacher standing at the side of the stage.
Jeremy captured most of her performance, but the video camera died just before the end. You still get the idea...

Special thanks to all the grandparents that came out to support our sweet girl. We didn't get any pictures of the grandpas, but they were there too!
Proud parents (Notice the single pink rose she has clutched in her hand - she was more excited to get flowers than anything else. Is she a real girl or what?)
We promised Lizzie a little treat after she finished her show. We hopped in the car, she turns to me, and says, "Mommy! Can we go to In-N-Out?!" I sneak a glance towards Jeremy and he hides his grin. Hmmmm. I wonder who prompted her to ask for that???
I have a small confession to make... This day is one I've been waiting for since I don't know when, but I always knew that I wanted to watch my little girl perform on stage. I'm not the crazy stage mom by any means - so don't get me wrong. This girl definitely chooses what SHE wants to do. In fact she's decided she wants to try gymnastics next. Bye, bye, dance. Sniff, sniff. This may have been her only dance recital ever. Who knows. All I know is - I'm happy. One of my wishes came true! My beautiful girl shared her talents with the world. Maybe every mom longs for this moment or maybe it's just me, but this day was special for her and for ME.


Maree said...

VERY cute! I love that she was focused on watching her teacher the whole time. Yes, Lizzie looks EXCITED!

The Givens said...

She is too cute. Its not only you, one day I wish to see my little girl in a dance recital too.

Kristen said...

So darn cute. I love how into the whole thing she was. Man, I need to have a girl! Look at all the cute stuff they get to do.

Laura Keith said...

I'm there with you! Dance recitals, gymnastics competitions... whatever... I just hope and pray my little girl wants to do those "girly" things too. Lizzie looked adorable...cute costumes! And in-n-out probably made the night the most memorable night she will have in a long time! What a great mom!

mary gendron said...

She's adorable!!!