Sunday, June 1, 2008

A belated thank you...

Mother's Day was almost a month ago, I know, but I keep scrolling through our May pictures and always stop on the ones from that day. It was a good day - a great day. Jeremy always pampers like no other and wins the prize for the best breakfasts of all time. It is never served on a plate. It comes on a PLATTER beacause there's not enough room for everything he fixes.

So the day begins with a gut-busting delicious breakfast in bed and presents from the whole family. Trevor and Logan made sweet gifts in their classes at school and take such pride in their cards they spent hours coloring. Those are always my favorite. Jeremy gave me a flowers, a corsage, heartfelt card, gift certificate to the spa, 2 new pairs of shoes, 2 tops and $ for a new headboard. Was it Christmas or Mother's Day? I can never really tell... Thank you, thank you, thank you family - I felt so loved.

We got to spend the day with my 2 favorite mothers. Mother-in-law Karen.

And my mom, Elizabeth.

There are not enough words to express how I feel about these awesome women. I am so blessed to have you both. Thank you for being you. Love you mamas.

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