Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dad Turns 60!

Watching your father turn 60 is an interesting experience. Maybe because it makes you realize that you are getting older also.

Maybe its because you view your father through the years as being one of those constants, always there for you and with you.

Maybe its because you realize that life has seasons that we each must pass throughout the whole experience.
Or maybe its because you just never picture yourself or your parents growing older. In any event, Dad is hitting one of those milestones in life, the big 6-0.

Watching my parents go through their 40's and 50's makes me realize how much fun the future holds for Jennifer and I.

It also makes me realize that the way I viewed aging as a younger man is not true, because while he is turning 60, he very much seems the same to me as he did when I was growing up, steady shoulders that are always ready to have a good time.

In any event, we celebrated my Dad's 60th b-day this weekend by inviting a big group of his friends and family over for a surprise party.

My nephew Zach took my Dad to see Iron Man under the guise of celebrating a recent award he won at school. I don't know how my Dad didn't find out about the party with all 13 grandkids knowing about it and apparently not saying anything, but Dad was totally surprised. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces that I have not seen for a number of years, a little blast to the past.

It was great to watch him and my Mom spend time with friends and family that they have built such good relationships with over the years. It was also great to have all the Ward Family in town. 15 grandkids presently between the five children and Kelly and Julio are just weeks away from their first...

That means that craziness is the norm when we all get together. But, that's OK, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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