Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nameless Recognition

I came to work on Monday to find my school totally trashed with art style paint all over the school. Tagged, splattered, dumped all over. One of the more unfortunately aspects of my job. Believe it or not, this kind of stuff does not happen very often at my school, but when it does it sure feels good to find the individuals responsible. Fortunately for us, these guys did it all in front of one of the many cameras on campus. Not too bright. Check out the article below. It is amazing how much damage can be done in such a little amount of time. Even more amazing is how much time and effort it takes to clean it all up...

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3 boys held in vandalism Three boys, 12, 13 and 15 years old, were booked into Fresno County Juvenile Detention Facility on suspicion of burglary and felony vandalism Monday after a break-in at Sequoia Middle School, Fresno police reported.

Damages at the school at 4050 E. Hamilton were estimated at more than $5,000, Sgt. Mark Hudson said. The damages took place Sunday night after vandals broke into the art room and used paint to cause graffiti damage throughout the school.

A school vice principal reviewed school video surveillance tapes and discovered that one of the juveniles attended summer school and was in class. After calling the student into the office, the vice principal discovered the identity of the other two juveniles and notified police.


Kristin said...

Hey Jer! Stacy showed me your blog. I've enjoyed catching up. Hope to see you soon - maybe we'll try and come up to Chawanakee next week. This is me:


Roxanne Kristina said...

Found you via Whittaker Woman. So sorry about the vandalism. Major bummer. But your pics on your blog are a bright spot. My husband and I adore SF. We live in Seattle and consider it a sister city. Music is very cool as well.

Roxanne Kristina @ www.sharingnotes.blogspot.com

Matt said...

Im sure you really beat the kid Guantanamo Bay style to get the information out of him. Hey, maybe they will do a Law and Order episode based on this true life event.