Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jackson Strikes Again

Yesterday morning I walked into the boys' room and found this:

Jackson was perched next to the tank talking and talking about "pish! pish!". An entire package of mints had been dumped into the fish tank. Not just any mints... no, no, no, they were bacon flavored mints. Mmmmm. (If you look closely you can see the white mints in the fake plant and Jackson's reflection in the tank.)

Well, I was ticked again over his antics. (You'd think I'd be getting used to this by now and learn not to get so upset! Oi!) I banished Jackson from the house and we set to cleaning out the tank.

(Can you see the white swirling bacon mint particles?)


After about an hour we finally had it all cleaned up. We found a few treasures in that dirty water - a race car, a magic wand, and 2 DS stylus pens.

Oh yeah, and once again there was cereal, TRIX cereal, sprinkled all over the kitchen floor for me to clean up. Yeah, he knew he was busted. Just look at that face!


The Givens said...

your stories make me scared to have my kid. But they sure are funny. Good luck in the future. :)

whittakerwoman said...

really between the two of us we can make some money on some kind of book. Wow, its daily here too. However mine are not as bad as yours. :) H

Kristie said...

BACON flavored mints?? Where do you get bacon flavored mints?? Are they minty and bacony? Sorry - I'm totally intrigued...

jennifer said...

yes, those mints have real bacon flavoring AND mint. gross right? we found them at that new candy store right next to the sierra vista theatre and bought them because we thought logan might like them. they were pretty yucky, NOBODY liked them.

Wacky, Wild Wisor Style said...

Apparently he thought the FISH might have liked them.

We had fish years ago - they were fighters. Their poor tank. The water turned purple from koolaid, "mud pies" from the backyard dumped in, bit's of chewed up hot dog, floating cool whip, whole containers of fish food...we eventually got rid of them because I couldn't deal with constantly having be on fish tank protection duty. They never did die though(perhaps out of spite for the children).

Maybe this is his way of securing his place as the baby of the family ;)

kelly said...

Good thing he's so cute!