Tuesday, November 16, 2010

King and I

Another of our Veteran's Day weekend family fun activities included attending the local high school production of The King and I. We have been anticipating this show for many months now because we have several relatives in the show!

I love any chance we get to take the kids (and Jeremy) to see a live theater production. That is the culture I always wanted my family to enjoy together. This play is a small piece of my childhood. I was raised on this movie - singing the songs over and over. I did my first ballet performance to the song "Getting to know you" from The King and I. Here's a nice flashback picture of that moment...

Love that huge lacy sequined bib and bow on that costume! I got to wear make up and everything. And what the heck was that hairdo all about? No, it wasn't pulled back in a pony tail - that was my super short haircut! And mom was pregnant with Jordan. Awwww. How weird is it that today I am the same age as my mom was in this picture? Ooh. That's weird!

That's enough reminiscing for now.. let's get back to the show! We all had some favorite scenes:

The introduction of the the King's 57 children

That's Trevor's BFF/cousin Jacob in the green vest.

"Getting to Know You" - I sang all the words right along with the actors!

These headpieces were something else. Check them out!! The costumes in this part of the show were fabulous. The reenactment of "The Small House of Uncle Thomas" was my favorite scene of the entire play. "Run Eliza run! Run Eliza run!" That Eliza was a great little actress.

And finally we get to the lovers... ahhhh.... Lun Tha and Tuptim. These 2 characters hold a special place in our hearts because one of them is ZACHARY! Zach is our cousin, nephew, and neighbor. He did a fabulous job on his part. His vocals were the best of the entire cast. What a voice he has!!

Here are their 2 love songs caught on video. The first is"We Kiss In a Shadow". And I missed his first line! Shoot! But you get the idea anyway.

And the second is entitled "I Have Dreamed".

Good job to all the kids that were a part of this production. Our family enjoyed being entertained by a live theater show for the evening. And we came away with some vocabulary lessons (they really were paying attention!), "Mom, what does et cetera mean?" And so on and so forth the vocab lessons continued...

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