Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DC 2010 Day 4

September 14, 2010

Day 2 of the Intel itinerary took Jeremy to Capitol Hill to meet our state representative Jim Costa and senator Barbara Boxer.

While in the Capitol, Jeremy secured tickets for us to see the Senate proceedings which we used later that day.

Sorry, no pictures allowed inside. Here we are outside the Capitol. Nice and shiny, hot and sweaty, from lots of walking. We got to sit inside the Senate room and watch some real life Health Care proceedings.

This picture I found on Google Images. The room wasn't nearly this full while we were there, but it looks just like this. This view looks like it was taken from the exact spot we were sitting in the Senate. It was an amazing experience to sit in this room and watch our government at work.

The culminating event for this trip was the awards ceremony held this evening. It was a black tie affair - note the fabulous hair do and fancy clothes. We were served a lovely dinner and then the award ceremony began. It was a nail biting experience waiting to see who the winner would be.

Jeremy's school was named a finalist, but not the overall winner. They were pleased to have made it to the finals even thought they did not win in the end.

It was a fun night full of good food and good company, and we were all grateful to have been given the opportunity to take this fabulous trip. We had one more day of vacation to look forward to and we were determined to have a great last day.

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