Thursday, November 18, 2010

A day at the lake

We spent a day at Millerton Lake during our Veteran's Holiday 4-day weekend. Jeremy's dad and brother spent the night camping at the lake and we joined them the next day for a fun day-camping visit. Jeremy threw all of our bikes in the back of the truck, I packed us a delicious picnic lunch, and we were off!

We had a lovely relaxing day doing only fun things...

Kayaking on Grandpa's new kayak

day fishing

evening fishing

enjoying the wildlife

hanging out in our chonis!

and finished off the day with a glorious sunset!

It was the perfect temperature for enjoying the outdoors. We rode bikes up and down the boat dock ramp and campground. Jeremy and Matt did a little mountain biking. And at the end of the day we found some BMX type trails & bumps for the kids. One of the highlights of the day happened unexpectedly... Logan began building a dam at the bottom of a small trickling stream. It took only minutes for EVERYONE to get in on the building action. We ended up building 3 dams over the course of an hour and watching with awe as they all broke to pieces before our eyes. The kids also liked trying out the word "dam". Some of the kids (and adults) got quite creative with their usage. Mm-hmm. You know what I mean. ;)

The kids and adults alike had a great day. Thank you Veteran's for serving our country. And thank you to our country for giving us a day to enjoy fun family time. It was a much anticipated break that was much enjoyed by all!

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