Thursday, November 4, 2010

DC 2010 Day 3

September 13, 2010

We stayed in two hotels on this trip. The first was a nice Marriott and this second hotel was a 4 diamond Mayflower Renaissance. It was beautiful! Thank you Intel :) They paid for all of Jeremy's travel expenses including this lovely room!

I spent some quality time in this sweet sitting area while Jeremy was busy with Intel business. This trip offered me the perfect opportunity to finally finish the Mockingjay book (the 3rd/final book in the Hunger Games series). The book and sitting area were equally fantastic.

Day 3 began the Intel itinerary of our trip. It started out with a fantastic buffet breakfast and then each school did a 10 minute presentation about their programs. Jeremy agonized over this presentation for months! It was a perfectly put together power point and narrative all about his school and the exemplary things they do there.

Following the presentations all of the participants were invited to get to know each other by joining in a "City Caper". We were sent in teams throughout the city to find clues and work together to end up at our final destination - the National Zoo. We spent 3 hours working our way through the challenges before we arrived at the Zoo. We were so happy we made it!

While at the zoo, the Intel staff served us dinner in the Small Mammal House. Unfortunately, we were there after hours and most of the animals had been put away. We didn't see more than a few critters during our stay at the zoo.

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