Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Turkey Bowling

Ok, so we're not really bowling with turkeys - it just sounded good for a Thanksgiving title.

Every year (or, most every year) we go bowling the night before Thanksgiving. It's been a tradition for these past 10 years and it's a lot of fun! The kids look forward to it every year. Especially Jackson. He asks almost once a week to go bowling. He loves it! He plays too. He really plays. He never misses a turn and always has an eye on his ball so no one will take it from him.

We had a nice visit with Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Jim as they came to visit for Thanksgiving. Jim is Gram's brother.

Gram & Grandpa Darlin'

Jim & Grandma Karen & Dorothy

It's always fun to see how much the kids have grown. We take these same cousin pictures every year of the 3 different age groups (and if I was really good I'd go dig up pictures from when these guys were still in their infant car seats from when they got to go bowling for the first time).

It was a great time, especially because I whooped everyone with my 110 score. Woo hoo!

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