Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sugar Cookie Fun

Jeremy was in a great baking mood this month. He researched the web and found a great Paula Deen sugar cookie recipe he wanted to try out. We rarely do sugar cookies around here only because I am never satisfied with the finished product that takes 4+ hours to create! I can never get the dough to keep it's shape. The cut outs always seem to round out and you can hardly tell that it was supposed to be a Christmas tree shape, or gingerbread man, etc. So when he said he wanted to try sugar cookies I was happy to let him take the reigns on this baby.

He always does a great job with baking. Jeremy follows the recipe to the letter and it always turns out great. The raw dough was delicious. It rolled out perfectly and the kids had a great time cutting out the shapes. (Those are authentic cookie cutters from my childhood. Thanks to Grandma DeeDee for passing them on to us!)

We mixed up some red and green frosting. Mmmm..... sugar.

We decked those babies out! Mmmmm..... more sugar! And no, Logan didn't take one bite of these sugary treats, but he sure had fun decorating one for each of us!

A lovely finished product....

Mmmmmm..... time to EAT all that sugar!
Jackson thought the whole evening was fabulous. I should've taken a picture of his green lips when he finished this cookie. I like to think green dye is essential to happy childhood memories.

Jeremy gets an A+ for an excellent finished product and an A+ for the fun factor. Woo hoo for fun Christmas activities!!

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haley said...

I love Christmas cookies; you've got to share the recipe! Have a merry Christmas!