Monday, December 28, 2009

Skiing with the boys

Jeremy learned to ski at an early age and has always wanted our kids to have the same opportunity. Two days before Christmas, Jeremy took the boys up to Badger Pass in Yosemite for their first skiing lesson ever. They were all thrilled to spend a "boys day" together. Cousin Jacob and Grandpa Doung also came along for the fun.

They began at the bunny hill or the turtle hill (or something beginner like that) and practiced their pizza plow. They were unsteady at first, but gained confidence the more they worked at it.

The boys looked really good by the end of the day. They had a blast! Here are 2 short videos: the first is their expertise in boarding the ski lift and the second is their awesome control when coming down the mountain.

Trevor came home and made sure everyone knew that skiing was his new favorite sport. They all had an absolute blast. Thanks to Grandpa Doug for coming along and helping out - the boys loved all the attention and one on one time!

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kelly said...

How fun! I still have never been skiing...