Thursday, December 24, 2009

Trevor & Logan's Acting Debut

Trevor and Logan both decided to try out for the Christmas drama production at their school. There was much pressure from all of their friends that chose to try out also. They were thrilled when they made call backs and then both got a speaking part! All of their friends also made the show and they thought they were in for a great time hanging with their buddies at all the practices. They went to practices on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings before school. It was difficult to get up 30 minutes earlier most mornings. By the end of the run there was real dread and foreboding about having to go to practice so early. Can you hear the whining? Even I was whining about it.

All that whining and complaining switched to a different tune as soon as they performed for the first time. "Mom, I LOVE being on the stage - applause is the best part! I'm going to try out for the next show too!" It was Trevor who said all that. I was so surprised and thrilled to hear him say it with so much enthusiasm!

They had a chance to perform 4 times. Once for the high school, once each for the lower and upper grades, and then finally they performed at the evening dinner/show production for the parents. They were pros by the end!

The name of the play is "Mrs. Claus to the Rescue". Trevor's character name was "Lights" and Logan's character name was "Sound". They were part of the news crew that interviewed Santa when he couldn't make his deliveries on Christmas Eve due to illness.

Here's a 20 second video of their big scene. Logan's line is cut short - you can only hear him saying the last word because I didn't get the camera recording fast enough.

Logan's line: All set!

Trevor's line: Ok, if they stay on their marks!

Here's where they stood for most of the show - on the risers singing with the choir.

Here are most of their buddies that were in the show with them. From L to R: Maddy, Trevor, Emma, Jacob C., Sammy, Jacob E., Logan, and Carter.

My two proud boys. They were so pleased with their performance and felt good to have finished something that took so much work and dedication.
Good job Trevor and Logan! You were the BEST Lights and Sound EVER!! We can't wait to see you on the stage again in the future - you are our Super Stars!

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