Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trevor does Track

Trevor started his first season of track a few weeks ago and Friday was his first meet! He was excited to compete in two events - the 800 meter run and shot put.

He did the shot put first. Here he is with his shot put team mates. They look cool under pressure, but you could definitely feel their tension as they stood here waiting their turn in line.

Here's a play by play sequence of his shot put.

Trevor looks like the kind of kid that could chuck the weight really far, but this sweet and gentle boy does not have a lot of aggression yet. He finished shot put at the middle of the pack which we were thrilled with.

Here's a picture of the peanut gallery that followed me around the track for 3 hours. They look like a fun crowd, right?

We brought our picnic lunch, plenty of water, umbrella and picnic blanket. They had fun playing with all the other little kids that got dragged to their siblings' track meet. So it really worked out well for all of us.

Here are some pictures of friends and cousins that also participated in the track meet. (Our team is the one in green) Emma ran the 800 and Jake ran the 100 - check it out, his feet are both totally off the ground!

And here's Trevor at the start of his 800 meter race. He tries so hard to do his best and we are so proud of him for that. (He's the one in green on the far right.)

Go Trevor Go! He ran the entire way. 2 full laps around the track = 1/2 mile. That's a long way man! Hopefully he'll get to run a shorter distance at the next meet. Trevor was much more calm and collected at this meet compared to his first few cross country races. Now he's more confident and comfortable in the sporting atmosphere. We are so proud of him for choosing a sport and sticking with it.

These are Trevor's good buddies: Jacob, Jake, Spencer (he goes to another school, but was also at the meet), Emma and Trevor. It was so nice to be surrounded and supported by good friends that cheered each other on.
Trevor, keep up the good work! You are our first track star!


Pollock Palooza said...

Love the nose picker:)


I love the nose picker too, but I am loving that track meet!! Way to go track star! What grade is Trevor in? I hope it wasn't a hot day for you guys!