Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm "hooked" on you!

So I found these most authentic old schoolhouse coat hanging hooks on ebay. 10 hooks for 5 bucks or something like that. I couldn't pass them up because I am a sucker for new ways to organize the house. The first 5 got used up here.

The other 5 I reserved for a special backpack hanging rack that I've been wanting to make since the first time I drooled over them on my computer screen. I finally figured out the best spot for the rack and set to work after our last painting project.

The wall on the right of this picture (the one that heads down the short hall toward the blue bathroom) is right in front of the garage door entrance to the house. I had a lonely mirror hanging there before and figured it could use some company.

So I took an old piece of wood (here's a bonus - the piece of wood was already the right size - no cutting involved!). Sprayed it black. Sanded it up slightly for an aged/distressed look that I hope NEVER goes out of style. Is it already out? Please don't tell me! It works so well for our rough and tumble crowd. (And just you wait for my next artistic adventure - more distressing to come...) So after the sanding I screwed all the hooks just where I wanted them. Screwed the board into the studs in the wall. And rehung the mirror over it. Perfection!

Here's a close up of one of the hooks. That is some authentic rust on that bad boy. I love it!

The kids were thrilled with their new backpack station too. They walk in through the garage door, hang up their packs like perfect children do, then kick off their shoes, leave them wherever and toss their socks over their shoulders as they run out the back door.

Next we'll need a solution for the shoes. Any ideas?


kelly said...

I'm still working on the shoes and socks thing. We tried making them pay for their shoes when they didn't put them away, doesn't work. The distressed look can never go out, it's too useful, and I love how it looks. I have a few pieces of wood, I'm going to get me some hooks and make myself a black distressed backpack hanger. LOVE IT!

haley said...

Hey Jennifer...maybe I can help in this area. We got a set of stacking cubby holes from Lowe's that works great for shoes. We leave it in the garage and everyone is supposed to put their shoes in it before coming inside. Of course they don't, but at least they leave them out the door most of the time. That helps!!

April said...

great decor! Can you come to my house?? What kind of floor is that in your kitchen? Real brick? It is cute I like it! Good job!