Friday, March 27, 2009

"Run, run, as fast as you can..."

"You can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

It was Fairy Tale week at Joy School. That meant that I got to rummage through our book collection to see what fairy tales I had on hand that we could read at story time. Our kids got several Gingerbread Man books for Christmas last year and I that story would be perfect. We could read it, act it out and even do some baking - my favorite! The kids don't mind rolling up their sleeves and frosting cookies either.

Here was the book we read:
and on the back it had a recipe for gingerbread cookies - what a novel idea!
We rolled out some dough,

cut out some gingerbread man shapes,

and then popped those guys into the oven. We waited until they were done to see if they'd jump out of the oven and run out the front door. Luckily they did not because we had all of these lovely decorations to put on top of them!

Those were some happy frosting cookie decorating kids!

And here's how they turned out.

Don't worry, they tasted a lot better than they looked! I make a killer cream cheese frosting.

It was fun to have the house smell a bit like Christmas again. The magic of fairy tales mixed with the aroma of Christmas was a good combination.


Rachel said...

How fun! Sometimes I wish I were part of your Joy School! LOL

Amy said...

LOVE all the different Gingerbread Man stories. So many fun things to do with them.