Friday, August 1, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm 2008

We did a quick end-of-summer-vacation trip to Knott's Berry Farm. The Christophersons all have season passes so they came along as well as the Minnicks. There were 15 kids and 6 adults - what a party! We left Tuesday morning at 5AM and got there in time for the park opening at 10AM. Needless to say we were all a bit tired when we arrived.

Kari was gracious to share her special day with us. Tuesday was her birthday! She turned 36 years old. What a great gal. She was showered, literally (can you see the popper streamers?), during our lunch break. She got a huge bday gift from her kids, a lovely card and a fresh boysenberry pie with candles. Who wouldn't want to spend their birthday like this? And speaking of lunch... it was delicious! We've always heard about the famous "Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner". And we finally got to try it out. It was soooo yummy! The homemade biscuits were my favorite - they were almost dripping with butter - mmmmmm. I'm salivating as I'm thinking about them. They were that good.
We started the kids out on a rollercoaster that was a little intense for their taste and decided that we needed to scale back on the thrill factor for them. Here were their picks....

Lizzie's favorite ride: THE MEXICAN HAT DANCE
We rode this thing about 6 times in a row! She couldn't get enough!

Trevor & Logan's favorite ride: TIMBERLINE TWISTER
This rollercoaster is in the kiddie area. Just their speed. We'll make sure to start here next time and work our way up through the day. Caleb liked it too - just look at that face!
Jackson's favorite ride: RED BARON
Jackson was thrilled to find a few rides he could go on all by himself. He rode this one about 5 times. Whenever there was a ride he could not go on he would say repeatedly, "Ride? ride? ride? ride?..." It was so pathetic! He would have gone on any ride there - sorry cute boy - you've got to grow a few more inches!

Knott's has some pretty fun shows. The stunt show was great - it even cooled us off during the hot part of the day - thank you splash zone. The stunt guys were cool about posing with our crew after the show. The kids thought that was great!
The bike/skateboard show was the best. They were cycling, blading and boarding all through it. The music was loud, the dancers did some crazy spinning on a dangling hula hoop from about 40 feet up, and the synchronized trampolinists were amazing! This show was my favorite part of the day - great heart pumping entertainment.

The kids were troopers considering they were up so early and there were no naps that day. Special thanks to the Stoffs for letting us use their season passes to get in for half price - you guys are great. It was a good day - a long day 4AM-11:30PM - but a good day all the same.

Check out Robb's post on the hotel we stayed in that night - we'll most likely go back and stay again. The bunk beds were a hit.

The next day the Christophersons spent at Soak City. While there, Robb took his shirt off and starlted some of the guests. They thought it was big foot because of the hair,

but it turned out to be Robb.

From behind...

While they went to Soak City we stopped for a visit to the Discovery Kids Museum in Santa Ana. It was a good time, but a little chaotic. There were several summer camp groups there and that made keeping track of the kids a little more difficult than usual. Especially because there was another group there wearing the same color lime green t-shirts as us. Kristen met us there with Ryan and Tyler - we love spending time with those guys and our kids get along great.

Trev and Log enjoy the dinosaur scavenger hunt outside.

Jackson and Tyler are two peas in a pod. They are into all the same stuff - taking things apart, pushing the wheelbarrow around and sliding down the slide together. They are buddies already - so cute! Lizzie had a great time too. The Bob the Builder exhibit was perfect for her. This is Wendy, Lizzie's new friend. The kids were good to us in the car - you just can't beat that. It always makes traveling so much more pleasant. Another good trip. Good times and good memories.


Michelle said...

What a fun trip. How about doing it again with us next week? Mental note to myself...get the kids matching color shirts so I can find them in the chaos!

Robb Christopherson said...

Very funny Jeremy! I didn't know that you were that good at Photoshop...My belly is not that big! You should check out my post about Jeremy's bald head experience at:

Jeremy said...

Really Robb, you are going to photoshop me balding even more? Now the gloves are really off...

kelly said...

Tyler and I went to Knott's for our anniversary several years ago and the whole time we were there we were wishing the boys were with us. It's such a great place for kids.

Kristen said...

We had such a fun time with you at the Discovery Science Center. Ryan asked me for the next two days when we could go play with his cousins again. Love you guys!