Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

So here are a couple of good quotes from the kids this week:

1. Jeremy's Grandma was over last night for a visit. While she was here she mentioned something about how long ago it was when her kids were the same age as ours are now. Logan was eavesdropping (of course) and he exclaimed, "Grandma, you've got kids?!" His expression was classic. His face gave away his ignorance - he thought she'd been hiding her kids from him all this time! I guess we never felt the need to explain his family history - poor kid! We just assumed he knew how the family fit together.

2. Lizzie was chatting with Benny about random things. They got some free samples of dog food from Costco and she decided she'd give her sample to Atlas - Mica's dog - and Benny would give his to Sidney, the dog that lives in our backyard. Then her mind came up with this great idea, "Ammon's dog can marry Mica's dog. And they can get married in the doggie temple!"

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kelly said...

I love it. I am planning on starting another blog full of the things my kids have said. Go read my post about speaking's a good one too.