Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trev's first Rain Gutter Regatta

Trevor competed in his first ever RAIN GUTTER REGATTA! He was excited to participate in this event after having such great success at the pine wood derby earlier this year. He had a blast making and designing his very own boat. He named it the Silver Bullet - after the ride at Knott's Berry Farm with the same name - not after the beer commercials (we hope).

It was a breezy summer evening and the wind was working in the boys' favor. It wasn't until the last of his races that he realized he didn't have to blow so hard to make his boat move forward. He won a few and lost a few, but was happy to be in the final race (he lost this last one, but still thought he was pretty hot stuff).

He also came home with a handful of awards he'd earned at the Cub Scout Day Camp last month. It was a good night for the self esteem of a young boy. We love Cub Scouts!

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Robb said...

That's a great pic of the scouts...They all look so very excited!