Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fun Bowling

I took the kids bowling at Fresno State as a reward for completing their chore charts last week. They all have jobs to do each morning before they can play with friends or video games. Each morning it is usually a chore for me to get them to do their chores. This day was different. They knew we would be going bowling and were pretty stoked about it.

Trevor asked me, "How can we go bowling when it's not Thanksgiving?" Poor kid thinks the bowling alley is only open at Thanksgiving because that's the ONLY time we ever go. I had to keep my composure as I explained that anyone can go bowling any time of the year - they're always open!

Make sure to check out Lizzies' outfit - she dressed herself, purple socks and all. Nice.

1 comment:

Robb said...

Those are some great shots! It seems that Lizzie has acquired Jeremy's taste for style and color-matching.