Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Batman @ the IMAX

Jeremy and I loved the first Batman movie and we've been anticipating this 2nd Batman movie since we saw the first trailers several months ago. We were out of town on opening night so we had to wait to see it. Matt and Aimee saw it first at the IMAX and said it was awesome. Then of course we had to follow suit and do the same. Today, Kari and Robb met us for a quick lunch and then the movie, The Dark Night.

Christian Bale was at his best as always. He is such an intense actor. We were both disappointed that Katie Holmes did not return as Rachel, but were happy with Maggie Gyllenhall's performance. Heath Ledger, who passed away earlier this year at a tragic young age, played the Joker. Maybe that's why his role felt as creepy as it did. In any case, he really did a great job.

The action shots were very cool - the picture on the IMAX screen actually expanded to show wider/taller shots. It felt like we were in the helicopter as it circled over the city's big buildings. Watching Batman free fall or hang glide/fly down the sides of the skyscrapers was equally intense on the 7 story screen.

Jeremy and I both get a kick out of Batman's cool toys and weapons. We also especially like when he does his death defying stunts and non-realistic action moves. We elbow each other when something is too cool to be real. (Watch for the motorcycle that flips around using only the wall - it's SOOOO cool.)

Obviously we enjoyed the show and recommend it to all you adult aged movie-goers. We give it 5 sonar cell phones out of 5.

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Robb Christopherson said...

Kari and I would have to agree with your summary! I wasn't too excited about going, but it was so very cool! Christian Bale (or whatever his name is) did a great job...He just needs to clear his throat before speaking.