Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boggs Camping Trip 2008

The trip began Friday afternoon. We packed lots of fun things into a short amount of time and went home Tuesday feeling like we didn't stay long enough.

It seems like we do the same things every year:

-play on the beach by the pier,

-rent boogie boards and wet suits

-eat Splash Cafe,
-hang around camp,

-visit the tide pools at Montana de Oro,

-go to church,

-campfire with delicious treats - Thomas and Amy even brought fondue! It was AWESOME!,
-do the Avila beach and fruit stand,

-fishing off the pier,
-and end the trip with the famous Pismo Beach cinnamon rolls.
We did exactly all those things. Was half that list just about the food? Ummmm. I think it was.
There were a couple of extra activities we did that were out of the norm. While we were there my cousin, Timmy, competed in the San Luis Obispo cycling competition. He sure loves to ride his bike. He had a great cheering section at this race. He finished middle of the pack and ended up winning some cash prizes. Good job, Timmy. Good job.
We also got to spend some time with Kelly, Julio and baby Lucy. We love those guys! They live in San Luis and we met up with them a few times while we were there.

The 4 boys, Trevor, Logan, Jacob and Sam, named themselves the "Razor Riders". They rode those scooters all around the campground constantly. The first day Logan had a little mishap and his head ate it pretty bad on the asphalt. We probably should have gone to get stitches, but decided a butterfly bandaid and a small scar would be cooler. We were lucky to have our own EMT firefighter on hand and several first aid kits to choose from - thanks everyone for your help! Jeremy took this picture just before the accident - notice no bandaid on Logan's head in this picture. (Look at their expressions - those faces crack me up!)

Lizzie made friends with some of her distant cousins. Maddy was the girl cousin closest to her age and they played great together. Lizzie named her "New Maddy" because she has another cousin named Maddy too. She had a blast climbing trees with her other cousins Jacob and Jackson.
It was another great camping/beach trip. Good times and good visits with the family. See you next year Pismo!


caraleewaddell said...

I don't remember seeing you with a camera once. How did you get all those pictures taken without us noticing?! You're good!

Luna said...

Traditions are good. That way you know what you are doing. It looks like you guys had fun!

Kristin said...

I miss Pismo! Seeing the kids in wetsuits with boogey boards makes me homesick. :)

Pollock Family said...

Looks like fun! We need to try the beach sometime too.