Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Polar Bear Plunge 2010

Here we are in the backyard on New Year's Day. We all stayed up late the night before partying our booties off until midnight and then rising early this morning to begin the new year! We are all a little tired to say the least. Note the wild eyes on some of the children - this lack of sleep only adds to the excitement of this tradition. The tension is high as all the children prepare to make their annual Polar Bear Plunge into the freezing cold waters of our pool.

Do these crazy monkeys look ready or what?!

And here is the peanut (ahem, chicken) gallery:

And of course, I recognize that I am also behind a camera. No worries, everyone knows I have a permanent "will not do crazy things" stamp on my forehead.

These guys wanted to be first!

I love this photo sequence...

Jackson was also ready to do the plunge. Here's what he's saying after testing the water, "See? Dats too cold in 'nere!"

Lizzie hardly felt the sting of coldness. She's an animal! Look at that happy face!

Here's the "after" picture. See? They look like a happy bunch, right? They're all warm and cozy in their beach towels - especially Ms. Meg who is enjoying her pitcher of hot water she prepared beforehand.

It was another successful year of freezing cold fun. Join us next year as we continue our chilly annual tradition. Same time. Same place.


BabinBlogger said...

can i just say that is insane. smart girl, the one with the wetsuit and th ewarm water!

Luna said...

What a fun tradition!

kelly said...

Jackson's right, Dat's too cold