Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Trevor and Logan had a great time getting ready for this year's Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby. They love coming up with their own designs and creating their own cars.

Trevor went for a truck style body this year. With blue and gold cub scout color stripes. His car won all but one race. Way to go Trevor!

Logan was excited about his car design from the get go. He was so determined that his car would be a yellow school bus. How did he do? Pretty good, right?! We are convinced that his car was a favorite out there. Everyone thought his design was awesome.

The first race is Trevor's truck. The second is Logan's bus.

Special thanks to mommy for the paint job, to daddy for all of the last minute alterations, and to the leaders who ensured that every child had a great race!

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