Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our new favorite family outing

We have finally found an outdoor activity that we can all enjoy together! Miniature Golf! When we have a free Saturday, and the sun is out, and we have coupons in our pockets, we all enjoy hitting the putting green. Let us count the reasons...

1. It's family friendly. Where else can you go to hang out with a bunch of pirates and/or chickens?

2. Even our Jackson plays the entire game. But there is no accountability whatsoever - no keeping score and what is "par" anyway? Maybe that's why it works out so well for us. There are no losers - we all get to be winners!

3. And if the ball doesn't go in after you've tried to hit is several times you can just go ahead and put it in with your hands.

One last reason we love mini-golf: it's out in the open, there's plenty of room for running around, and acting a little silly, and no one will tell you to quiet down. Even when you have a boatload of kids in your party!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Logan's face in the first picture is priceless...he looks so happy to spending time with his family. LOL