Friday, September 11, 2009

kids say the darndest things

This morning Jackson comes running in the back door and yells , "Mommy, I want to get my dress on!"
(Translation: He wants to get dressed.)

We're walking through Lowes and Jackson spots the toilet display. He promptly walks over and says, "Daddy, i go pee on dat" and starts to drop his shorts.

We were getting ready to go out and pick grapes and Lizzie kept saying, "I want to go to the graveyard too!"
(just in case you didn't get it - graveyard = vineyard)


kelly said...

Ha! Did you let him go pee on that?

sueyado said...

That is so funny! Brian had an uncle that when he was real little actually did use the potty that was in the display window! They wanted to just leave him at the store and not claim him!:)