Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Mason's Blessing Day

It has been a great year for both Jeremy's and my side of the family. So many new babies!! My brother Marcos and his wife Melody just had their first baby. Baby Mason. He's a such a sweetie cute boy. I think he looks just like his beautiful mama, but in a more masculine way of course - he'll grow up to be such a handsome boy!

Yesterday, Sunday, September 27th, 2009 was his blessing day. There were so many family members there - it was great to see so many from both Marcos and Melody's sides of the family! Everyone arrived at the church on time (including us! - this was quite shocking in itself) and the meeting was great. The spirit was so strong and beautiful as we watched so many righteous men (I counted 13, but there could've been more) stand in the circle to bless this baby boy. Marcos gave a beautiful blessing; Mason didn't even make a peep! What a special day it was to see my brother use his priesthood power.

Here's our group just after Sacrament Meeting. Can you feel the love of so many family members? There were others there that didn't stay for the whole meeting so you can imagine what that did for the numbers inside the chapel yesterday. That's our crazy Jackson is down in front making a scene of course.

The after-party was so enjoyable also. We had some delicious lunch and good company with both sides of the families. Baby Mason was pooped by the end of it all. What a long day for a brand new baby! Here's a quick snapshot of him just as Marcos and Melody were leaving.

It was a lovely full day. Congrats Marcos and Melody on your bouncing baby boy. He is already so loved by his family and especially his cousins!!

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