Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Blessing Day Baby Kathryn

Last weekend was the baby blessing for the newest member of Kristen & Doug's family - Baby Kathryn. She is such a good baby, so sweet, and princessy already! She looked so beautiful in her flowing white dress and super cute bow to match. It was a lovely blessing by Doug.

The day before the blessing we headed down to Newport Beach for hours of the best beach time we've ever had! The sun was out, with a nice warm breeze, (which made it comfortable to hang out in your swimsuit instead of chilly in a sweatshirt), and the best part was the WARM OCEAN WATER! The kids played like they were in the pool for hours without taking a break. After the beach we headed back to Kristen & Doug's pool to rinse off all the sand. It was a day full of family and good times.

The day of the blessing we got to feast on a delicious luncheon - delicious is not a strong enough word to describe it's tastiness. Yummy pulled pork/coleslaw sandwiches, awesome potato salad, fruit, green salad, guacamole and homemade salsa, and desserts like crazy! (We are going to need those recipes Kristen.) We all walked out of there stuffed to the brim!

We were so happy we got to be there to share this special day with them. Kristen, Doug, and his family made us feel so welcome.


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

When you get the recipe you'll be sharing it....right?

Wynn Family said...

OH Jen!! I loved the family pictures!! Those are great!!! You actually made me feel better. Sorry, you did. :) I have been off-line for so long it's fun to catch up on everyone. You are such a wonderful mom!! Your kids are a very lucky bunch!!!

Kristen said...

It was such a fun weekend. I love when our whole family gets always reminds me how much I miss you guys. Thanks for traveling down and supporting our family. It meant so much to have everyone there.
P.S. I would be happy to share any recipe. :)