Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preschool has begun!

Jackson started his first year of preschool this month! We're doing the same thing we've done with all the kids - a mom/child co-op style preschool. Each mom will take a turn hosting preschool at their house 2 days for one week.

He's been asking for ages for his turn to go to school. "Mommy? I go Joy School?" Finally it is his turn! The year began at our house with 4 boys and 2 girls. It is going to be a great year. Each one of these kids has a great personality and loves to have fun. We'll focus mostly on playtime with some ABC's thrown in there and hopefully they'll learn to sit still for a few minutes at a time.

Here are some pictures from their first day. Do they look excited or what?! Note Jackson's Googah even made it into the picture. (Hopefully he'll learn to let go of that thing by the end of the school year!)

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