Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Morning

The wrapping induced whirlwind that was christmas morning came and went in all its glory leaving Jennifer and I to ponder about the vast amount of work that went into something that is over so quickly. This year we prepped the kids on Christmas Eve, telling them that they couldn't come and wake us up until they saw at least a little bit of light outside before they come and wake us up. That plan worked for the most part leading to a 6:15 wake up call at our door- not too bad! Jennifer and I went downstairs to get the camera ready and turn lights on and down they came eyes popping. We laid some ground rules that we were going to actually look at each present after we open it before we open another one.
That went well for the first few presents. After that it seemed to spiral into a free-for-all.
About the time we were done opening presents, Jennifer had some hot cinnamon rolls ready. The rest of the day was spent opening boxes and helping the kids with new toys, surprisingly tiring in and of its self, and eating, lots of eating. IT WAS AWESOME.
It culminated with Christmas dinner, (with the Ward's this year) where the spread was immense. Everyone ate so much we really didn't get around to doing dessert.
Now only 363 days left to save up for the next one.

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