Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heart of the Bear

Trevor earned his first Cub Scout award! He is officially a Bobcat. He had to learn the scout oath, motto, handshake and law in order to receive this first merit badge.

The pack meeting ceremony was very cool. They’d been learning about Indians, Indian crafts and their symbol writing. So the pack meeting was decorated in an Indian theme. Sister Moon totally outdid herself. She made a “campfire” for the boys to sit around during the meeting. A real teepee was set up in the background. There were signs set up for each rank advancement. And the best was the costume Brother Moon wore. He looked like a real Indian chief with his leather shirt, pants, stick, hat and boots.
Trevor, as the youngest member of the troop, was the first to receive his award. He was first given his Indian name, “Heart of the Bear” and then got his markings on his cheeks. They presented him with his own leather headband and his Bobcat patch. His face does not show his pride or enthusiasm, but he was thrilled!

Pack 33. (From L to R) Trevor, Sister Fletcher, Jacob, Ethan, Cordell, Brother Moon, Grant, Alex and Seth.

The night ended with some “authentic Indian food” for the refreshments. They really served all these foods:
They also brought some rice krispy snacks for those of us that were too chicken to try the Indian food – whew!

Grandpa Louie, Grandma Elizabeth and Auntie Mica came to cheer him on. It was a good night. We are so proud of our good boy. He is so happy while he makes such good choices. What more could a parent ask for?

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