Monday, December 17, 2007

Not My Gum Drop Buttons!

Run run as fast as you can, before Jackson slimes you with his icing and saliva laced hand!

So Logan has been wanting to make ginger bread cookies for a week or so now since he read a story with his class about, you guessed it, the ginger bread man.

It took some coaxing but Jennifer agreed. Not because she couldn't, she did a heck of a job with the cookies, they were the best I have ever tasted. (Although admittedly we don't delve into foods involving ginger often)

Mostly because the process of making ginger bread cookies stinks...literally. I mean when was the last time you smelled molasses? Honestly, who ever decided that molasses, vinegar, ground cloves and ginger should be combined for a sweet treat? Probably the same person that after tasting their creation decided that the product was better suited for home siding (thus the ginger bread house) then actual food.

Lizzie would check the oven during the cooking process often to make sure no cookies were moving around, it was quite cute. Anyhow, the decorating of the ginger bread cookies was a messy hit. We had Emma, Maddy and Ben over to help us with the decorating as well. Emma, Maddy and Lizzie were quite meticulous with their icing and decorating of their cookies.

Trevor, Logan and Ben were more into "abstract" decorating, that is to say sprinkle and coat things all over the place and they take on a form of art in and of themselves. It was quite fun to watch.
The only one not enjoying himself was Jackson. This was mainly due to the fact that he kept trying to "jack" everyone else's cookies and was sternly told by the whole group, "No No Jackson!" (See the picture above of him feeling sorry for himself) He got over it though once he found the icing bowl and began to turn himself into a ginger bread man.

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Kristen said...

Cute cookies Jen! I will have to get the recipe from you.