Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Last Christmas Concert

My sister, Mica, gave us a special treat for the Christmas season. She sang in her last High School Christmas concert on December 18th. She sang beautifully and performed so well. She and all her singing friends are so lovely to watch - they sway with the music and almost dance to the beat. You can really see how much they love what they are doing.

The night brought back so many good memories for all of us, her siblings, that have sung for the Clovis High Choirs. Her teacher, Mr. Lanford, also taught most of us Duran kids when we went to Clark Jr. High. He is such a good man with such an infectious passion for music and song. We all loved singing for him and were happy to see him again.

The Chamber Choir traditionally began this concert by singing Carol of the Bells from a unique spot in the church. This year they were up in the balcony. They were like angels singing above the crowd! (The pictures are not so great because we were down so far, but that is Mica above and her good friend Luz to the left.)

Here's the whole group - the Chamber Singers. Their Silent Night piece was my favorite! (If I can figure out how to post the video - you'll get one of their Latin pieces too.)
Here are all of Mica's adoring fans that came to watch that night!

When did Mr. Lanford grow a goatee?

It was a great concert. Thanks for the great show and all the fond memories!

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