Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pier Fishing

One of Trevor's favorite summer activities is fishing. He LOVES to get out there with a fishing pole and wait for a great bite. or a nibble. or anything for that matter. He was fully anticipating our pier fishing experience before we left town last week for our Pismo Beach trip. He had to wait a few days before we actually made it out to the pier, but in the end it was soooo worth it. He caught the first fish of the evening!

Everyone caught a fish! As a right of passage, you must HOLD the fish you caught, nice and firm around it's belly so it doesn't flop away, for the camera. Yeah, Lizzie couldn't do it.

Jordan was an animal fisherman! He caught 2 fish at once! And I just love the look of pure joy on my dad's face as he proudly held his catch (before he tossed it right back into the ocean).

Here's the bucket o' fish at the end of the night. Yummy, right. The fish were only half alive in that bucket. They'd flop around trying to get free - sometimes they would flop out of the bucket, scales flying everywhere, women screaming for dear life, until a manly man would pick up the fish and throw it back in there. Bella had a great time splashing around in that fishy water. Check out Gramma Elizabeth's face as she's holding Bella aka "fish fingers".
Make sure to stay tuned for another story about this bucket o' fish...

Trevor's pier fishing dreams came true once again. And we all enjoyed a nice evening being together. Nice weather. Beautiful sunset. Good company. Great fishing memories.

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