Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Perceptions of Inception

Some critics have categorized this movie under Sci-Fi. Let us put your mind at ease if you are not necessarily a Sci-Fi movie lover. There was plenty of action, drama, plot & story, suspense and CG effects. And NO aliens. We have heard reviews from 2 friends that are NOT Sci-Fi fans and they both LOVED this movie.

It was fun to see a star-studded cast - Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page, guy from 3rd Rock from the Sun and 500 days of Summer, and Alfred from Batman. I was personally skeptical of Leo's acting. I can't get past his Titanic performance and was bracing myself for his awkward delivery of lines or his voice to crack, but neither of those happened - thank heavens! He did really well in this role.

Jeremy thought this show was great. Here's what he said about it: "It was a movie unlike any other and really grabbed your attention. It's one of those movies that you think about afterwards. It helps to talk through those thoughts with someone else so you both understand it."

I thought it was the very end - the last 5 seconds of the show - that gave us the most to talk about. Some guy that was in the theater with us loved the ending so much that he clapped one great clap, and yelled "YES!" when the screen went dark.

Jeremy and I compromised on our rating (he said 4 and I said 5) - together we give this movie 4.5 dream levels out of 5.

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