Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jackson and his accessories

It's Tuesday morning. Library day on our summer schedule. We must hurry to get there early to get a good seat. There will be a lot of people there today to watch the magic show out on the front lawn in front of our local library...

We're piling into the car and Jackson says, "I need my purse and my gun!" He runs back into the house and 2 seconds later comes running out with his purse, his orange potato gun, and his blue helmet. Classic. And he WORE that blue helmet the entire time we were there!

Jeremy LOVES it when Jackson does not embrace his manhood. It makes Jeremy squirm whenever Jackson asks to "put his dress on", or paint his nails, or carry his purse. I, personally, enjoy the fact that my son can embrace his feminine side and proudly carry a hot pink purse out in public - to the library - where there are at least 100 people there to admire his ensemble. He's confident. He's sure of himself. And he knows who he is. That's all that really matters in life. (And getting a good laugh out of how ridiculous my child looks in his get-up.)

And, just for the record, the gun and the helmet cancel out the purse anyway. It's a man's carry-all. It's not a purse - it's European!

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Luna said...

Where is he supposed to carry the gun if he doesn't have the purse?