Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jackson Boy Turns 3 Today

There's our little Jackson boy. The first day of his life. Boy, he sure has come a long way since then! He came rushing in to life, literally- thank heaven's our doctor had quick hands. He's kept us hopping since that very first day he was with us.

Remember all those exciting Jackson stories? Click here and here and here and here to revisit some of the best ones. We look forward to - er, we EXPECT many many more of these stories in his future. He is just that kind of kid. Inquisitive, exploring, Macgyver-ish, and a little on the destructive side. But those are just some of the things that make Jackson who he is.

Jackson is such a sweet heart. He loves to give loves and kisses. He says "thank you, dad" with the cutest little voice that it melts your heart every time. He has the biggest fetish for trains - he LOVES them. He tries so hard to put sentences together, but has a hard time figuring out the words that go in between so it sounds a bit like this, "Mommy, nnuh, trains?" Translation: "Mommy see my trains?"

Today, for his birthday, we celebrated first thing this morning with donuts and presents - trains of course.

Donuts are his favorite!

"Happy to you Jackson!" (That's how he says it. Minus the "birthday" part.)

We love you, Jackson boy. Thanks for all the memories thus far - we look forward to the year we all have ahead of us.


Amy said...

Happy birthday Jackson! We love you and hope you had a great day filled with many TRAINS!

Kelly said...

I think that Jackson's blowing out of his birthday candle perfectly sums him up in one action. He's such a cute kid!