Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 3 Spring Break: Pismo/SLO

Day 3 of our Central Coast Tour took us to Pismo Beach. This beach has many fond memories for our family as we visit every summer for about a week with my Boggs side of the family. We do all the same things and eat all the same places every time we go. But we could only choose our most favorite activities because rain was forecasted for this day of our trip. We had pier fishing and Splash Cafe on our To-Do list.

We got all the way down to the pier, parked and got out of the car JUST as it started raining! My parents had just come out of their hotel room and were walking up to the pier at the exact same time we arrived - total coincidence. Mom was prepared of course, with her umbrellas - one huge golf umbrella and her beach umbrella - genius! The wind picked up and sadly it was too strong for the beach umbrella and we had to put it away.

That rain was not going to deter us or our fun! The boys, grandma and grandpa went out to the pier to fish while Kelly and I took the babies shopping. Fishing in the rain or shopping with small children. Which would you choose? After about an hour we were all done with that fun. We sloshed our way to our next activity - Splash Cafe! and met for lunch.

This restaurant is on our family's top 5 favorites. Jeremy is not a fish eater, but he likes to dip the onion rings in the famous clam chowder. He also likes to run next door to Brad's and get a tri-tip sandwich to eat while we enjoy our fishy food. You can see just how much he likes it!

Mmmmm.... I'm salivating..... Logan went for the sourdough bread bowl this time around. And Trevor loves their hamburgers with curly fries.

So after yet another gut-busting meal we decided we were cold, wet, and tired and needed to find some candy to cleanse our palates. The Pismo Hot Lix store was closed and a sweet treat was calling! We hopped in the car and drove back to San Luis to visit their Powell's candy store. The kids were in heaven trying to decide how to spend their money. Jackson was in heaven as he filled up his bag with all different kinds of gummy candies, "I wun dis wun, an dis wun, an dis wun..." After about 30 minutes of shopping they all plopped down into the movie seats in the store and sat for a good while. Can you tell these kids were wiped out?

With candy in hand we walked down the street to the San Luis Obispo Mission. None of us had been there before and thought it would be interesting and appropriate for our crowd especially because Trevor had just finished his mission project for school. He didn't have the San Luis Mission, but it was still relevant, right? The chapel was gorgeous as was the garden/courtyard area. We walked down to the small river running in front of the mission and had some fun floating sticks down the stream and racing each other to see who's stick was the fastest.

It was such a beautiful spot that I couldn't help but take a few shots of these to gorgeous girls. They are so cute together! And that Lucy has the cutest wardrobe of any little girl I know.

I forgot to mention earlier that Julio did not get to spend the days with us. He was busy at work and school otherwise he would have been right there with us the whole time. But we did get to see him in the evenings which was nice.

So after another fun-filled day we headed back to Kelly's house earlier than usual to kick back and watch movies. She cooked us a delicious dinner and we had a nice time just laying around and being lazy relaxing at their place.

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