Wednesday, April 15, 2009

anniversary + birthday = FUN!

We celebrated our 11th anniversary in style! Jeremy's parents invited the kids, yes, ALL our kids, to stay the night so we could go out and have a relaxing evening alone and be able to sleep in the next day. How great is that?

I've been wanting Japanese Kitchen for ages so we made a reservation and invited Marcos and Melody to go with us because we did get married on Marcos's birthday after all.

Jeremy's dad offered his corvette for our mode of transportation and we couldn't refuse!

Jeremy captured this great moment at the table. Teppanyaki is so awesome.

Here's a great shot of the anniversary couple. And there's Marcos - the BIRTHDAY boy! - and his beautiful pregnant wife.

Dinner was delicious, as always. We both got the New York Steak dinner with all that fried rice, egg drop soup, shrimp, veggies, sprouts and all that. And I just love that hot and spicy sauce. You have to try it the next time you go.

After dinner Melody and I made a stop to the restroom and came across a curious sight. It was the fanciest, most exquisite, high tech toilet we've ever seen in our lives! Right there in the Japanese Kitchen restroom! Check out all the features:

Wash, bidet, enema wash (WHAT THE HECK?!), pulse, massage, dry, child (oh, how nice, they even remembered the children), you can adjust it forward, backward and even up and down, and finally there are the temperature settings. GOOD GRIEF! Who needs all those options when "doing their business"? We had a great chuckle about this phenomenon in the pot and when we told the boys about it then they had to go see if there was a fancy toilet just like this one in the men's room. Sadly, there was not. Or should I say "thank heavens there was not"? We would have been there another 30 minutes so the boys could have tried it out, I'm sure.

After the bathroom adventure we headed outside to show off our ride. Marcos and Melody looked shocked when Jeremy offered them a ride around the parking lot. They asked a couple of times if he was serious and then hopped on in. What do you think? Their faces say it all. Do you think they liked sitting in a red corvette?

Marcos and Melody, thanks for hanging out with us on YOUR special day. We had a great night celebrating with you guys and "discussing" names for your baby. We need to do it again soon.


Melody said...

We had such a fun time with you guys! :) Thanks for letting us impose on your evening. And the Corvette spin was awesome! But what can I say? That toilet took the cake!

Kristie said...

Umm...I've never been to Japanese Kitchen, but I think I'm going to have to go now JUST so I can see that toilet! I've never even heard of such a thing!