Sunday, May 25, 2008

She's a Joy School Grad!

Lizzie had a small graduation celebration last Friday for completing a whole year of Joy School! She and her 3 classmates looked so cute in their caps. They really were so cute it was hard not to pinch their cheeks off. The whole time we were there I kept replaying in my mind the quote from Mr. Incredible... it's the scene where he's arguing with his wife about attending a 5th grade promotion ceremony... he says, "Why do they have to keep inventing ways to celebrate their mediocrity?" That's kind of what it felt like - celebrating their mediocrity. Did they really accomplish something great? The answer is no, not really. But it is still fun to get them dressed up and celebrate the END of something. So I say, "Yay for Lizzie! You go girl! You finished a year of Joy School and get to do it all over again next year!"

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