Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom, Mama, Mother

I came across this picture as I was searching for a baby picture of Samuel fot the last post. This one instantly caught my attention and I couldn't put it down! I knew I needed to do something with it for Mother's Day this weekend.

This picture was taken on the 4th of July in 1979 when I was only 8 months old and Mom was only 23. (Thanks Dad for writing on the back of all your pictures!) I love to look at this photo and wonder what life must have been like for Mom all those years ago. She married at 21. Had her first child (me!) at 22 and had 5 more kids over the next 11 years. She was busy for sure! Raising kids is not easy, as I've learned over the last few years. It takes so much patience and self-sacrifice to really nurture kids into well-rounded individuals. I know she mastered those traits very early on in her mothering. This picture is exactly how I remember her...calm, easy-going and ready to love at any moment. She always was the most beautiful person I ever knew. I still think that! I'm sure I felt that way because #1 She IS beautiful and #2 She gave us so much: playtime, bed time stories, home made costumes, homemade treats from scratch, and later on her listening ear was always there when any of us needed it. Mom was and still is the best mother. Even today I know she will drop everything and come running if I need her to help out. I hope to be just like her someday.

I love you Mama. Happy Mother's Day.


Amy said...

That is a beautiful picture! She is a wonderful mom and mama-in-law!

caraleewaddell said...

My Mom always talks about how wonderfully resourceful your Mom was while raising 6 kids. I remember being so jealous as a child of the cool presents you would get at Christmas time. I think that she is just an interesting and neat person, as are her sisters! Aunt Elizabeth is so beautiful, especially in that photo with you.