Sunday, April 27, 2008

Radio Parade?

No, no, no - RODEO Parade. The kids could not say the word Rodeo. So they told everyone we were going to the Radio Parade instead.

We Durans are parade people. We love parades. We live for parades. We THRIVE on parades! The Wards, on the other hand, are not parade people. So, Jeremy had to work on Saturday morning and I got to take the kids to the parade! Woo hoo!

Dad always gets us a great parking spot and we always come running in at the last minute - late as usual.

Jordan was our Rock Star as he yelled to all the people passing out the free stuff. We love the free stuff! We came home with a bag full of candy, stickers, flags, pencils, magnets, crayons and tons of coupons. Notice he's holding the free GEEK SQUAD t-shirt. Awesome.

Here's Jackson enjoying some of those free handouts. Could there be a happier kid? 2 suckers instead of just one!

Here were some of our favorites...

The clowns really were funny this year. They had the whole crowd laughing at their antics. The bands and flag girls were great - all decked out in denim and cowboy hats. (Yay, Kaleigh! Goooooo Reyburn!) We had a fun morning of people watching, yummy snacks and had a nice visit with my Mom, Uncle Jordan, Dad and Mom's friend Anne. Good times, good times.


Coronado's said...

the wards were fresno folks so they understand us clovis people and our awesome parades. poo on them! :) i love mom & dad duran! i swear they don't age. i might have been like 6 years old and they looked exactly the same back then as they do today

jennifer said...

i agree that they don't age. my in-laws are all so boggled by their lack of gray hair! please let them pass those good aging genes on to me!