Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grandma Dee Dee's Potato Salad

A few months ago Grandma Dee Dee came over to teach me her famous potato salad recipe. She showed me her secret tricks to making it just right! She is always adamant that Best Foods mayo is the only mayo to use for her potato salad.

This recipe is an "old family recipe" that she's been making forever. Every time we eat it at any family gathering it brings back memories... pool parties in her backyard, 4th of July, Easter dinner when the adults sat at the dining room table and the kids ate at the table in the kitchen...

It looks a little different when I make it, but it sure tastes the same! She has the perfect huge punch bowl that holds 10 pounds of salad - mine only holds 5. I love that she's willing to pass all her recipes to me and take the time to show me how it's done her way - the best way. Next on the recipe passing agenda will be her famous chili beans. Thanks for sharing with me, Grandma! I love you. (Hope you're enjoying Texas!)

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Lauren said...

Yum, that salad looks good...
family recipes are the best. If you want to try the cookie recipe on my blog, go to www.pickypalate.blogspot.com
You'll find it there and it's so great. I used fondant for the frosting. I just rolled it out and used the same cookie cutter on it as the cookie, then glued it on with light corn syrup. Enjoy!