Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The 2nd Place Race

Trevor has been practicing with the swim club since January every day after school for an hour. His other cousins, Emma and Jacob, were already in the club so it was an easy extra-curricular choice for Trevor. He is doing really well - improving quickly and always has a great attitude during practice. Jeremy loves to comment on how fluid his form and strokes look in the water - he's a natural!

Trevor competed in his first swim meet of the season on Saturday, April 5th. He swam in one race - the 25 yard freestyle. He was the youngest one in the heat at 8 years old and the oldest was 12.

He always gets pretty nervous. It's so hard to watch him suffer from these nerves and there's nothing I can do to make it better. We've all got to grow from our experiences, right?

The race only lasts about 30 seconds so it was very quick. Trevor was ready at the block. That buzzer sounded and he dove in like a pro. He swam his heart out and placed 2nd. Wow! Check out the scoreboard below. His daddy couldn't have been more proud.

Way to go Trevor!


Amy said...

Wow Trevor! Way to go! That's awesome!!!!

Pollock Family said...

I guess he has swimming in his blood with your side and the Ward side. I love seeing little kids in swim meets:) It brings a smile to my heart!