Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Candy Anyone?

Candy, candy, man we have candy. Between the ward party trunk or treat, class parties and Halloween night trick or treating the Ward's are flush with candy. This is one reason why Halloween is not Logan's (the sweet hater) favorite. The nice thing is while Lizzie and Trevor are somewhat stingy with their candy, Logan is happy to give daddy all his good candy. Consequently, daddy is felling a little sick right now.

This Halloween, we had our traditional pigs in a blanket for dinner (a family favorite) and other goodies. Some of Jennifer's family came over to join in some food and picture taking before the trick or treating. Gpa Louie came over in his Clovis Police car and turned all the lights and sirens on. Of course the neighbors think there is some domestic problem here as he does this often. Sometimes, I get some nasty looks from some of the ladies in the neighborhood, which I think has something to with the visits from Grandpa Louie and his cop car, or maybe its because I get the newspaper in my underwear (heck you would think they like that).

Back to Halloween. The kids had a great time, Logan as the Ghost, Trevor as a Cowboy (his third time now I think), Lizzie as a Fairy Sparkle (as she puts it) and Jackson as a sailor boy. Jennifer did this cool thing to Lizzie's bangs so that they look like antennae- it was fun to look at her!

We made the rounds in the neighborhood and then came back home afterward to continue with the gluttony. Trevor and Logan had a great time handing out candy the rest of the night. We had scary sounds playing in the background for the trick and treaters and it caused Jackson to walk around the house slowly looking all around, wondering if it was just him that heard the funny noises. With all the excitement and sugar, it was a wonder they got in bed before 9:00. Another great Halloween at the Ward home.


Marsha Ward said...

Cute, cute kids!

I was Googling my son's name--you guessed it, Jeremy Ward--for his business's website, and found you guys. We're LDS, as well. What are the chances?

Marsha Ward
Writer in the Pines

Amy said...

They look so good! Love the butterfly wings!