Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Logan - Student of the Month

Logan got his first real academic award! He was chosen by his teacher to be the Student Of The Month for September 2007. The awards ceremony was this morning. Jeremy, myself, Lizzie and Jackson sat in the crowd. Trevor was there too with his class. The principal, called his name and he jumped up - so eager to receive his award! He was so cute as he walked up to the stage with his slight strut of pride. The principal announced that all the students selected for Student Of The Month would also receive a coupon for a FREE Me N Ed's pizza. That set off an excited buzz through the crowd!

His teacher praised Logan up and down at our parent/teacher conference last week. She just could not say enough about how good he is in class - always working hard, on task and listening to instructions. He loves to please the teacher and it shows. Yep! That's our teacher's pet boy - and we couldn't be more proud!

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