Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tijuana circa 1997

Jeremy's sister, Kelly, emailed me this picture a few weeks ago. It is a blast from the past!

L to R: Jason, Jeremy, Jennifer, Aimee, Matt, & Kelly (in front)

This picture was taken when Jeremy and I were dating. 1997 as you can see in the picture. I was just 18 years old. Eek! Matt and Aimee were dating too! Jeremy's family went down to San Diego for a weekend trip with the Morris family during some holiday (those Wards were always going out of town) and I was invited to come along.

While we were there we made a day trip into Mexico, Tijuana. I have no recollection of what we did on this trip. I vaguely remember putting on that hat and smiling for the picture.

All I know is: we were young. I was had just graduated from high school. Jeremy hadn't been home a year from his mission. We were just at the beginning of our relationship with no clue as to the future that was ahead of us.

It is fun to look back at what we were. And to see how far we've come since then. This here picture is a great piece of our history.


whittakerwoman said...

Aww, back in the good old days! :)

Amy said...

I have the same picture of Thomas and I from when we were dating! :D

Amie said...

thats the jeremy and jen i remember so well! so fun!