Friday, April 1, 2011

Capturing the perfect family portrait

I've been flipping through photos from last year. While flipping, I noticed that we took several family pictures from October through December. We are getting better at all of us smiling at the camera at the same time, but I have realized that no matter how many pictures we take - none will ever be perfect! I think we should shoot for a goofy picture next time. That would be more in line with our family dynamics... this lovely photo, perhaps? We were at Montana de Oro on our 2010 summer Pismo trip.
I love that Jackson is the only one smiling in this picture. Classic. Of course he does the OPPOSITE of what he's supposed to be doing for this silly picture. But then again, he is doing the opposite of his usual look-away-stick-out-his-tongue-goofiness that he does when it's time to take a nice photo.

Jordan and Stephanie's Wedding in October 2010
- this is the fanciest/nicest/most pulled together our family has ever looked. One of these pictures is hanging over our piano. It's huge. 20x30 inches. The largest that Costco can print. (Maybe it's not a reflection of what our lives are really like, but it is as close to perfection as we're ever gonna get.)

Disneyland in November 2010 - Our Thanksgiving Break getaway

Thanksgiving 2010 - Family Portrait photo shoot

Tenaya Lodge in December 2010 - one of our Winter Break traditions

Christmas Eve 2010 - all of us in our new pj's

Let's take a vote shall we? Which photo most captures our family's personality?


Luna said...

I think they are all great photos!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I don't actually *know* your family's personality, but I'd love to see the first one blown up. Classic.

kelly said...

I like the PJ picture but I'm not sure it captures all the personality you have goin' on. Maybe the Disneyland picture.