Wednesday, April 6, 2011

kids say the darndest things

Let me set the scene....

It's 6:30AM on a school day. The morning sunlight is just starting to come through the blinds. The house is quiet with the sound of sleeping children that went to bed too late last night. Jeremy is the only one up and out the door already.

Without warning, at the top of his 9 year old lungs, Logan begins to belt out the chorus:

"one, 21 guns!
lay down your arms!
give up the fight!"

Repeated over and over and over... until we are all wide awake, bleary eyed from our startling wake up call, and pleading for him to stop (or at least choose a new song!).

Let's just say that Logan is a morning person. He wakes up at zero and within seconds is running at 100 miles an hour. He LOVES to be awake in the morning. He also LOVES to tease and pester wherever he can. And he knows how to get us all going in the morning.

All I can do is plug my ears, pull the blankets and pillows over my head, and wish that someday he'll get to experience a child just like himself when he's a father.

GOOD MORNING to you too Logan!

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