Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lizzie takes 2nd Place

Lizzie's class participated in an art contest this past fall 2010. They each painted a patriotic scene with only 3 colors - red, black, and blue. Lizzie was selected out of the several hundred participants as a winner! She took second place in her grade level out of the entire school district.

The Veteran's Association in our area put on a fancy dinner/reception to honor the winners. We got all dressed up and headed over to the Veteran's Memorial Building (the same place where Jordan and Stephanie had their wedding and reception!) for a special evening.

Here's Lizzie receiving her award. She wanted to do it just right. Some of the other kids saluted back to the uniformed person giving them the award. Lizzie was quite determined to look like she knew what she was doing up there.

It was a proud moment for her standing up there on the stage. All eyes were on her and she knew it!

Lizzie's awesome teacher was there to see her get her award.

And here's the proud girl with her new medal. Check out all that personalized engraving. WOW. What a great thing for our girl.

It was a special night to honor our special, artistic (who knew?!), talented girl. Her award winning artwork now hangs contently in our home.

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